Buying A Property In Spain – 5 Points You Must Consider To Protect Your Investment

Many people harbour a dream to move from the UK to the warmer climes of the Mediterranean. Property in Spain is much in demand as Spain is a country with numerous popular resorts and fabulous climate almost all year round. The property market crashed in 2009 and although it is now well on its way to recovery property prices are still very cheap, and you can buy a luxury villa on the Costa Blanca or townhouse apartment for the same cost as a small flat in many UK cities. You can see prices on this estate agents in Javea Spain web portal.

Buying a property in Spain or another foreign country is a huge step, and not the same as buying a property in the UK as laws change from country to country. There have been many reports of UK investors losing their money when purchasing property in Spain, really there is no reason to let this turn you off – you just had to take due care and diligence. The following points will help you purchase a property safely in Spain.

  1. Inquire as to whether or not you can obtain a copy of the most recent payment receipt for the property. This will show whether or not the owner currently has any pending debts in terms of local taxes. If a condominium is on the property, ask whether or not there are currently any unpaid community charges.
  2. If you are told that any deposit has to be a specific percentage of the sale price, do not accept that as truth. Everything regarding the sale of the property can be negotiated.
  3. Make sure that you only pay a deposit to one of two people: the currently-registered owner of the property or an individual who has legal power-of-attorney to sell the property. Regardless of who you choose, you will then want to ensure that a properly drawn and signed document is obtained as evidence of receiving the payment.
  4. Employ the services of an attorney to review any and all documents associated with the property and potential purchase. Do not sign anything ever, without your lawyer or solicitor’s consent.
  5. It’s extremely important to ensure that the purchase of the property is included in the deed, which needs to be signed in the presence of a notary public, who can then register the deed in the Land Registry. When the deed is signed, it’s important to complete the registration process as soon as possible.

Avoid Cowboys: A Few Quick Tips To Help You Find the Best London Construction Companies

Loft extensions are an amazing way to make use of the space you have available to you. The key though, is to make sure that you can find a loft construction company that is of the highest caliber possible. This is because of the fact that there are a lot of companies out there that are really going to be sub-par and that could really do a number on your house if you aren’t careful. Here are a few tips for finding good attic conversions companies in the London area.

Check Reviews

The important thing is to make sure you look for reviews to the companies that you’re deciding on. You really don’t want to just go straight with a company without checking it out first. You won’t know very much about the company otherwise. They could have next to no experience, or they could be less than careful when it comes to your construction job otherwise.

It’s also important to make sure that you check to verify that the reviews are genuine. For one thing, you’ll want to make sure that the reviews aren’t just listed right on the construction site, because they could be doctored or written by people paid to do so.

Secondly, you’ll want to make sure that the reviews aren’t from a proxy site, that is, a site that the construction company is just using as a shell. If it’s from a respected review site, this is best. You’ll also want to make sure that some of the reviews are at least somewhat critical in a minor way, to make sure that the reviews aren’t just full of people pretending to be genuine.

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Check Accreditations

The key is to make sure also that the company you’re checking has accreditation. One of the best ones to look for is the NIC EIC Approved Contractor accreditation. This is especially important because if the company you’re going with is planning on doing any kind of electrical work, this is actually required in the UK.

Anyone who is doing any kind of electrical work to help you create your loft that doesn’t have this accreditation is actually breaking the law, and this is hardly a good start to your assessment of their suitability.

Check Them Out in Person

Another good way to avoid scams or to avoid those who aren’t going to be careful is to head down to the company in person. This way you can confirm that they actually have a physical address, for one thing. You can also confirm that everything about their operation looks legit.

Additionally, talking to them in person will give you an idea for what kind of operation they’re running. You should ask yourself whether the person you talk to seems to know what they’re talking about, whether they have an adequate amount of professionalism, , and whether it sounds like they would be careful with your house and whether they actually care about how well your final product turns out overall.If you follow these guidelines you should be able to find the company right for you.

The 3 Big Benefits of a Loft Conversion

People all over the London are getting loft conversions done, according to a loft conversion West London contractor I spoke to last week. When something is that popular, there’s usually a good reason for it. In this case, there are at least five good reasons. Many people will discuss these sorts of issues with their estate agents. Plenty of estate agents recognize the benefits of loft conversion, since they will have seen so many of their clients succeed as a result of getting loft conversions.

One: Loft conversions involve efficiently utilizing a home’s space.

People that don’t convert their lofts are more or less letting a lot of empty space go to waste. That space can make their properties look large and empty, when it could be turned into storage spaces, additional bedrooms, additional bathrooms, or home gyms. People could more or less start living entirely different lifestyles after getting their loft conversions done, given their potential.

Two: Loft conversions can significantly increase a home’s resale value.

When I hired a kitchen extensions Oxford firm, I added about 10 percent to the value of my home. Just like having a kitchen extension, people may be able to move their homes into completely different price ranges as a result of loft conversion. They can more or less turn their properties into completely different homes thanks to loft conversion. There are few modifications that are so efficient, which is one of many reasons people across the United Kingdom are discovering the benefits of a loft conversion for themselves. A person that gets a loft conversion for the sake of increasing the resale value of his or her home has a keen eye for business.

Three: Cost-effectiveness

Although a homeowner will spend on average 18,000 pounds on a loft conversion, it many areas the extension will add upwards of 40,000 pounds to the market value of their home. In a city where property prices are at a premium such as London and Brighton, the return on investment can be even higher. People often have to take a loan re-mortgage to finance a property improvement, but loft conversions literally pay for themselves.


Timeless Second Homes In Beautiful Old France

One of the those day dreams that many people have at some stage of their life, and especially after a visit, is of buying their own holiday home in historic France. With a DIGITAL CAMERAlifestyle and culture that remains even today very much about enjoying the pleasure of life aside from the hectic pace set by many other Western countries, this romanticism has a habit of getting under the skin of many tourists.

France offers very distinctive provinces, ranging from the hearty, rustic northern territories to the sun kissed beaches of the southern coast. With the French Alps also providing stunning mountain scenery towards the east, and the rolling hills of Provence and the Pyrenees in the west, there is simply a plethora of world class locations for investors looking to follow their specific hearts content.

Like a number of European countries, France has been weathering difficult financial conditions for the past few years, and although the market for second homes has been established for many decades, there remains a great number of bargains to be had, and many people are using agencies that offer UK homes bought fast services, to raise capital to move to France where property is much cheaper. The beauty lies very much in the variety of premises available. To buy one of the thousands of chateaus in need of a gentle refurbishment to restore back to former glories, the prices quoted – even as the initial asking price – tend to be far lower than may be expected.

For those looking towards an apartment in one of Frances uniquely cosmopolitan and sophisticated cities, Paris with it’s world class museums, galleries and architecture have made it arguably the world most loved city. Served by International airports and rail station, it is also highly accessible to all other European capitals and regional cities, making it a great launch base for a European tour or business venture. Also with the demand from visitors wanting to stay in a unique apartment during their stay, as an option for buy to rent Paris is a genuine world leader in pretty much guaranteeing a consistent return.

Given the heritage of France as a prime destination for second homes, unsurprisingly the market is served by all the requisite legal services which can make a breeze of tackling the (today unfair) reputation of petty bureaucracy hindering the sale of property within the country. EU nationals will naturally find it more straightforward, however the legacy of American and other international citizens making France their home is as colorful and epic as one would expect from this unique nation.

Is Cheap Property Abroad a Good Investment in 2016?

Investing in cheap property abroad

Barcelona, Spain, offers many cheap properties in 2016

Advances in technology and communications have enabled us to do some fantastic things that just a decade ago were unthinkable. Online resources allow us to do so many activities including earning a living; and also allow us to trade in commodities such as bonds, company stock and real estate.

We are now able to purchase properties from around the world without leaving the comfort of our homes. I was able to sell my UK home fast last year without leaving home by using Therefore we can profit from many transactions from almost any location on the planet.

To trade successfully in property, you need to have a certain amount of knowledge as successful real estate investing is not just about finding a low-cost property. You have to be aware of the housing market situation in the country where you are purchasing, and also know if you will be expected to pay taxes in the country – and how much you will pay above and over the cost price of the property during the purchase process.

If purchasing a cheap property in a country where the economy is depressed, be aware that it could be some time before you are able to sell the property at a profit or indeed sell it at all. For example there are many great properties for sale in Spain at the moment at a fraction of the price they were being sold for in 2007. However, the property market is extremely slow and if you were to try to resell your purchase you could be disappointed. Having said that, such situations are perfect for those who wish to use the property as a holiday home or as a possible source of rental income.

Buying a property at a low price in countries like Spain, Greece or Italy in 2014 when prices are still low, should be seen as a long term investment. Do not expect to get your money back with an additional profits in a matter of months or even a few years; but those who are prepared to sit the slump out should see a nice return on their investment within several years to a decade – it is a case of being patient.