The 3 Big Benefits of a Loft Conversion

People all over the London are getting loft conversions done, according to a loft conversion West London contractor I spoke to last week. When something is that popular, there’s usually a good reason for it. In this case, there are at least five good reasons. Many people will discuss these sorts of issues with their estate agents. Plenty of estate agents recognize the benefits of loft conversion, since they will have seen so many of their clients succeed as a result of getting loft conversions.

One: Loft conversions involve efficiently utilizing a home’s space.

People that don’t convert their lofts are more or less letting a lot of empty space go to waste. That space can make their properties look large and empty, when it could be turned into storage spaces, additional bedrooms, additional bathrooms, or home gyms. People could more or less start living entirely different lifestyles after getting their loft conversions done, given their potential.

Two: Loft conversions can significantly increase a home’s resale value.

When I hired a kitchen extensions Oxford firm, I added about 10 percent to the value of my home. Just like having a kitchen extension, people may be able to move their homes into completely different price ranges as a result of loft conversion. They can more or less turn their properties into completely different homes thanks to loft conversion. There are few modifications that are so efficient, which is one of many reasons people across the United Kingdom are discovering the benefits of a loft conversion for themselves. A person that gets a loft conversion for the sake of increasing the resale value of his or her home has a keen eye for business.

Three: Cost-effectiveness

Although a homeowner will spend on average 18,000 pounds on a loft conversion, it many areas the extension will add upwards of 40,000 pounds to the market value of their home. In a city where property prices are at a premium such as London and Brighton, the return on investment can be even higher. People often have to take a loan re-mortgage to finance a property improvement, but loft conversions literally pay for themselves.