Overseas Property Investment – Finding the Best Markets

There is a huge range of overseas property for sale – but is now the best time to invest, and if so, what are the best markets?

Now is the best time to look for overseas property for sale. When it comes to locations overseas, property for sale has never been easier or more affordable to get.  With the economy at an all time low, prices are the most affordable they have ever been, and the opportunities are tremendous for those with the capital to invest. There are many perfect locations to consider, from Dubai to Spain, and event South Pacific overseas property for sale that would make wonderful commercial or industrial acquisitions. Become an international investor, and look to the future.

One of the many ideal investment opportunities lies with buying commercial property which can be converted to be used as accommodation. You might also consider purchasing building sites for industrial growth, as this is another key area in which overseas property investors are seeking to expand their portfolios. All over the world, including such growth hotspots as Dubai, you’ll find overseas property for sale at prices that are surprisingly reasonable, and conditions that offer quick returns and high yields. Success as a commercial international investor relies upon getting the best deals early, to make the most profits later.

If you are only looking for a second home, don’t be fooled into thinking that property abroad is only geared for the commercial market. Both new and historic homes are available in scenic locations which have excellent year-round climates. A tropical villa like those on this site is a great example of overseas property for sale in the residential market. The current market in many of these locations allows you purchase a family estate for the same cost that a tiny villa would fetch in only a few years’ time. This is really the underlying reason why now is the time to be looking at overseas property for sale.

An island retreat may be perfect for the international investor who is just starting out, whilst buying into the construction of a large commercial centre may appeal to others. There is a wide range of overseas property for sale at the best prices you can expect for years, so it is well worth looking into the possibility at this stage – it could be the first step to realizing your dreams

Where to Buy Property Overseas

Three places, and three reasons, to consider buying property overseas.

Once you have decided that you would like to purchase a property overseas, it’s then just a question of where. There are a number of great locations to choose from in your quest for a new home abroad and yet amazingly, the places where you can get some of the best deals on property overseas are also some of the most in-demand locations on earth.

For property overseas, try:

  • Cyprus
  • Spain
  • Dubai

First on the list of places to buy an overseas property is Cyprus. In addition to the near-tropical climate, another reason to consider this location is due its long and rich cultural history.  And if this isn’t enough to make you consider Cyprus for your property overseas, there is still the benefit of world class beaches.

Another place that is rich in history and has an excellent offering of property overseas, is Spain.  As an international investment, Spain is another place where you can find great deals on property overseas. As with Cyprus, Spain has centuries of cultural history to attract tourism to its shores.  The price of property overseas in a place like Spain is low enough that such an international investment could be a very profitable deal.

Dubai is also a sub tropical climate zone. If your property is meant for rent or lease purposes, the period from December to March is considered to be the most favourable time of year.  Dubai has become known as a vacation getaway in recent years, and is home to some staggering tourist attractions, including the largest man made islands on Earth, the Palm Islands.

When it comes to property overseas, all three of the locations have many commendable features.  International investors are drawn to the scenic beauty and amenable climate, not to mention some of the richest cultural diversities to be found anywhere.  It’s true that you will find that Cyprus, Spain, and Dubai are some of the most lucrative choices for your international investments and if you just want to have a home abroad, you will surely be pleased with all that these places have to offer you as residential property overseas.

Moving Abroad: Is It The Life You’ve Always Wanted?

With an increasing trend of Brits moving abroad to enjoy the changes in lifestyle, we’ve come to wonder – what’s the big deal? Well, let’s look at what is so appealing about life on the Costa Blanca, or retirement on a Spanish Island, and whether or not we might just be getting it right.

The Weather! It has to come top of the list. In the UK, we are often lucky to get a couple of weeks of actual, proper, sunbathing-strength sunshine to enjoy in the summer months. So, the appeal of a warmer climate and all of the enjoyment in brings along with it is certainly a change in lifestyle. But why is this so important? Well, it is great for our mental and physical health. For example, vitamin D from spending more time in the sunshine can lower blood pressure, help muscle strength, improve brain function and may even protect against cancer. Not only that but studies have shown that sunshine actually improves our mood overall and can have an incredibly positive impact on our mental health. Humans were meant to spend time outdoors and the warmer climate allows for this. Social activities that bring us outside are great for our health and wellbeing. So, the appeal of living in a climate such as that of Spain is a legitimate one and, yes, it offers an arguably better, more comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle that that of the UK climate.

Culture. Why is it that the Spanish community, as just one example of appealing locations, seems so much less stressed, more inclined to ‘go with the flow’ and cater to their comfort? Perhaps we’ve got it wrong – is this just an over-generalised statement? Well, if research is correct, no – its actually quite true. The weather has a lot to answer for, as the heat in the summer means that siesta is a must and the pace of life is therefore slowed down somewhat in comparison to the ‘rate-race’ of the UK. On the whole, Spanish culture has a stronger focus on family ties and sociability. According to an article written by a Spanish resident in the UK last year, people living in Spain and amongst Spanish islands talk a lot more to one another that would seemingly be the case in the UK. This culture of having time outdoors, resting in line with wellbeing and having less of a worry about money strains (likely due to affordability in lifestyle) has created a much more relaxed attitude to life and how it is lived. Again, we have to tick this box as it certainly goes in favour of finding a more appealing lifestyle abroad.

Cuisine. OK, we know – it’s a bit of a running joke amongst other countries in Europe and certainly in the US that British food doesn’t quite cut it. While we know this is a bit of a generalisation and that we’re certainly the front runner when it comes to a proper breakfast, there could be some truth in it as a whole. You just have to take a small sample of a more Mediterranean diet to see just how much we could potentially be missing. Again, due to the climate, there is a difference in quality when it comes to fresh and locally sourced produce such as seafood, fruits and vegetables in a country such as Spain. It is also said that a more Mediterranean-based diet of quality fish and vegetables, olives, oils, rice and rich tomatoes sauces can have some excellent health benefits. Food rich in protein, omega three and vitamin C can offer a boost in physical and mental health. Paired with a warm, steady climate such as that found in the Costa Blanca for example, we see the perfect mix for a full, relaxed and enjoyable life outside of the UK.

Of course, there will be other factors to consider – if you’re more of a city-dweller, the UK has a lot to offer. However, the evidence can’t be ignored. When it really comes to enjoying life and an offering of balance for relaxation, health and simply being able to enjoy the outdoors, it could be that moving abroad is just what the doctor ordered.

Buying A Property In Spain – 5 Points You Must Consider To Protect Your Investment

Many people harbour a dream to move from the UK to the warmer climes of the Mediterranean. Property in Spain is much in demand as Spain is a country with numerous popular resorts and fabulous climate almost all year round. The property market crashed in 2009 and although it is now well on its way to recovery property prices are still very cheap, and you can buy a luxury villa on the Costa Blanca or townhouse apartment for the same cost as a small flat in many UK cities. You can see prices on this estate agents in Javea Spain web portal.

Buying a property in Spain or another foreign country is a huge step, and not the same as buying a property in the UK as laws change from country to country. There have been many reports of UK investors losing their money when purchasing property in Spain, really there is no reason to let this turn you off – you just had to take due care and diligence. The following points will help you purchase a property safely in Spain.

  1. Inquire as to whether or not you can obtain a copy of the most recent payment receipt for the property. This will show whether or not the owner currently has any pending debts in terms of local taxes. If a condominium is on the property, ask whether or not there are currently any unpaid community charges.
  2. If you are told that any deposit has to be a specific percentage of the sale price, do not accept that as truth. Everything regarding the sale of the property can be negotiated.
  3. Make sure that you only pay a deposit to one of two people: the currently-registered owner of the property or an individual who has legal power-of-attorney to sell the property. Regardless of who you choose, you will then want to ensure that a properly drawn and signed document is obtained as evidence of receiving the payment.
  4. Employ the services of an attorney to review any and all documents associated with the property and potential purchase. Do not sign anything ever, without your lawyer or solicitor’s consent.
  5. It’s extremely important to ensure that the purchase of the property is included in the deed, which needs to be signed in the presence of a notary public, who can then register the deed in the Land Registry. When the deed is signed, it’s important to complete the registration process as soon as possible.

Avoid Cowboys: A Few Quick Tips To Help You Find the Best London Construction Companies

Loft extensions are an amazing way to make use of the space you have available to you. The key though, is to make sure that you can find a loft construction company that is of the highest caliber possible. This is because of the fact that there are a lot of companies out there that are really going to be sub-par and that could really do a number on your house if you aren’t careful. Here are a few tips for finding good attic conversions companies in the London area.

Check Reviews

The important thing is to make sure you look for reviews to the companies that you’re deciding on. You really don’t want to just go straight with a company without checking it out first. You won’t know very much about the company otherwise. They could have next to no experience, or they could be less than careful when it comes to your construction job otherwise.

It’s also important to make sure that you check to verify that the reviews are genuine. For one thing, you’ll want to make sure that the reviews aren’t just listed right on the construction site, because they could be doctored or written by people paid to do so.

Secondly, you’ll want to make sure that the reviews aren’t from a proxy site, that is, a site that the construction company is just using as a shell. If it’s from a respected review site, this is best. You’ll also want to make sure that some of the reviews are at least somewhat critical in a minor way, to make sure that the reviews aren’t just full of people pretending to be genuine.

Photo Credit: Cheap Upholstered Leather Beds

Check Accreditations

The key is to make sure also that the company you’re checking has accreditation. One of the best ones to look for is the NIC EIC Approved Contractor accreditation. This is especially important because if the company you’re going with is planning on doing any kind of electrical work, this is actually required in the UK.

Anyone who is doing any kind of electrical work to help you create your loft that doesn’t have this accreditation is actually breaking the law, and this is hardly a good start to your assessment of their suitability.

Check Them Out in Person

Another good way to avoid scams or to avoid those who aren’t going to be careful is to head down to the company in person. This way you can confirm that they actually have a physical address, for one thing. You can also confirm that everything about their operation looks legit.

Additionally, talking to them in person will give you an idea for what kind of operation they’re running. You should ask yourself whether the person you talk to seems to know what they’re talking about, whether they have an adequate amount of professionalism, , and whether it sounds like they would be careful with your house and whether they actually care about how well your final product turns out overall.If you follow these guidelines you should be able to find the company right for you.